He also highlighted the challenges of maintaining “academic integrity” during the online mode. The vice-president of the institution of academic affairs, Dr. Bonifacio Doma, however, pointed out the limitation of full online programs, especially for bachelor`s degrees requiring “heavy” laboratory work requiring effective teaching. Offer credit online learning with advanced academic integrity features Students also have access to life counselors who offer career and academic counseling, course planning, technical assistance, career placement, and other student concerns. Coursera, the world`s leading e-learning platform, announced free versions of Coursera for campus and enhanced features to meet the critical and long-term needs of higher education around the world. New features allow universities to provide academic integrity for credit-bearing online learning, improve student employability, and create private courses. Today`s announcement builds on the dynamism of the Campus Response initiative, launched in March, to give students and teachers free access to Coursera for Campus during pandemic-related shutdowns. Currently, more than 3,700 institutions use Coursera for Campus to offer more than 2.4 million students to online learning. As universities want to develop long-term e-learning programs for students, they need to ensure that their experience matches the academic rigor of campus learning. Coursera for Campus now offers academic integrity features that enable universities to offer creditworthy online learning.

Vea said that fully online degrees offer students a lot of academic leeway because programs are done in such a way that they are at their own pace, so students can learn according to their own schedule. Interested students can enroll under www.mapua.edu.ph/DigitalAcademics/ via the map俉 Digital Academics website. In this academic year 2020-2021, MAPÚA University has launched its comprehensive online bachelor`s degree courses for engineering and information technology (IT) students, with the institution taking strict measures to contain the novel coronavirus. Creating blended e-learning programs with prefabricated courses and tools from private authors Mapúa University`s president and CEO, Dr. Reynaldo Vea, said that comprehensive online courses, in addition to complying with government guidelines, are an opportunity for the institution to “expand” its reach. We are a community of sharing. Please help us by uploading 1 new document or adding us to the download: In the coming months, Coursera will implement a new curriculum tool that will help the faculty manage coursera content in order to fill gaps in the programs, teach new specialties and focus programs on specific disciplines or levels of difficulty. Question banks facilitate the creation of rigorous, customized assessments at scale.

The faculty can create assessments with any combination of automatically scored multiple-choice questions and manually graded queries. You can write questions privately and randomize them based on the learning objective and level of difficulty. This function will be widely used by the end of the year. Improving students` employability through professional learning “The pandemic has been a catalyst for universities to make online learning the core of their student experience,” said Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera. . . .