The DAA aggressively sells Dublin Airport as a transfer platform, especially for U.S. flights. While the airport authorities, the government and most of the opposition believe that this is a good proposal without reservation, I would like it to be subject to further consideration. I`m not saying it`s a bad step. Rather, I am saying that we need a serious review of the agreement before we use public funds to renew the agreement. No more than the next person, I am very happy to visit America. I am happy to do so and I am pleased to be able, if I do, to use the pre-authorization facility at Dublin Airport. It is useful in that regard. However, a cost-benefit analysis of the climate change emissions service and our obligations under the 2018 Aircraft Noise Act (Dublin Airport), which runs through homes, is needed to ensure that nearby residents are mitigated against the effects of aircraft noise. I would also like this cost-benefit analysis to examine the likely increase in fines related to climate change and noise protection due to the increase in thefts relative to the benefits of extending this facility. Relentless air traffic is not sustainable in the modern world. The United States is currently conducting advance authorizations at the following airports in Canada: the parties may, by mutual agreement, amend this agreement in writing. NOTE THE wish to extend pre-deportation duties to pre-deportation clearing officers before who, in accordance with U.S.

law in the United States, the United States.C and 8E. C No. 1103, and in a manner that ensures protection and accountability; In June of this year, advance clearances were provided for train passengers from Montreal to New York and on the Rocky Mountaineer Railway in British Columbia. A pilot was launched at the crossing point between Lacolle, Quebec and Rouses Point, N.Y. Canadian border guards also conducted preliminary checks of rail transportation by rail by x-rays of railway cars northward on the U.S. side. I would like to highlight an important aspect of the growth in tourism that we have seen since 2011. I think we had eight cities in North America this year, whereas we currently have 25 cities of this type. This increase has been facilitated by a number of initiatives. I have no doubt that the removal of the airport tax has been very influential in that regard. Tourism Ireland`s excellent work and the availability of this pre-clearance system at Dublin Airport and Shannon Airport have also contributed significantly.

With representatives from Tourism Ireland, I am going to Boston tomorrow to lead a trade mission to the northeastern United States, which is a critical part of our North American market.