These “minutes of the directors` meeting” record a decision of the board of directors authorizing a loan from a director to the company, in accordance with the company`s statutes (loan of the director). In addition to approving the Director`s loan, the Director is entitled to sign all relevant documents, to affix the company`s seal to all documents relating to the director`s loan and to any action taken by a director prior to such decisions under the delegated and confirmed authority. This document should be read carefully by all parties involved, in particular by the director responsible for signing the document in order to approve the loan. After the Board of Directors has approved a loan from the Director to the company by decision of the Board of Directors, the minutes of the meeting are recorded in this document. These Consulting Protocols – Approval of the loan agreement records the procedure at a board meeting at which a loan agreement at which the business expires is approved and a designated person or person is expressly entitled to take out the loan on behalf of the company. It should be noted that the Director`s loan is intended for long-term economic benefits, the best interests and purposes of his business. The objective is to ensure that no director plans to knowingly use the business as a disguise and approve the director`s loan for personal use or interest. It indicates who attended the meeting and that the director declared his interest and agreed to lend the company (loan-manager) the amount indicated to finance his working capital and to repay it on the specified repayment date. A specific currency for this amount must also be indicated in the minutes for a clear reference. These administrative protocols – the approval of a loan contract are in open format. The required details must be inserted into the marked fields or the text can be adapted for your purposes. The bracketed wording is optional. If necessary, the parentheses should be deleted and the text retained.

If the text is not required, it can be deleted.