Ray`s been reimbursed. But even then, the company did not cancel its levy, which it had to do. Gerry Bonner, 57, says he went to his local curry shop in Hamilton, south Lanarkshire five years ago to cancel coverage of his wireless stereo. Currys says anyone who finds out they`ve paid without the knowledge can call their customer service on 0344 561 1234 – but you should also contact your bank to make sure. When Philip complained to Currys, he was informed that the details of the agreement had been indicated on his television receipt and that he must have received the terms and conditions at that time. The assistant called and Gerry thought the police had been cancelled. But when he signed up for the online bank last April, he found that monthly payments of $5.40 were still being made. A spokesperson for Currys PC World said: “We are investigating the cases raised by the Daily Mail and have contacted some customers to offer a gesture of goodwill. He said, “It comes into your bank account as a`product support` so I didn`t even know what it was. I thought it was for antivirus software. I couldn`t cancel it through my bank. However, after terminating his credit card last February, Paul received a letter from Currys in which he said they were unable to take the money for his policy. Thousands of shoppers complained after the curries found that curries had taken up to $22 a month from their bank account for something called “product support.” “This is a clear case of bad sales, and they will certainly lose hundreds of customers.” Peter Harris, 71, and his wife Janet, 75, set up a monthly payment plan last May to buy a TV worth 600 $US.

But although currys were asked to resign before the deadline expired, the store debited its account. Ray rang again in March and April to insist that the $2.99 fee be stopped, but to no avail. Many Currys customers insist that they have been charged for “repair or replacement plans” that they have not purchased or expressly refused. He said: “After searching the Internet, I discovered that it was for thought and repair. Please stop taking my money. Some say they accepted the insurance for the first month because it was free, but Currys continued to take payments after cancelling. Among the youngest grips, there is a client named Linda, who said: “In August 2015, I abandoned product support plans on my two daughters` laptops because they no longer used them. I cancelled it by phone, according to currys PC World instructions. In total, Currys had cashed in 324 $US to ensure a stereo he no longer owned. When Gerry asked for a refund, he was denied the refund because he had no proof of the cancellation. He says: “How many people I haven`t checked my account as often or carefully as I should.