5. I will keep the cats I care for indoors at all times. Thank you for opening your heart to care for cats. Without your love and care, these animals would have no future. By accepting stray Cat Alliance care animals (hereinafter referred to as “SCA”) and/or receiving support from The Stray Cat Alliance to place cats that you have rescued, you agree to comply with the swallows in this care agreement, as described below: I understand that the purpose of this care relationship is to provide socialization and loving care to that cat(s) and that I am responsible for the provision of food and litter. We require community caregivers to cover the chip + prepaid registration fee ($10/chat), which is refundable after adoption if you place the chat through our organization. a) take precautions to have them cared for by another person who is not yet Rescue Foster sealant until they are placed in a permanent home, or for caregivers, such as our regular nurses, to stare at their cats (castrant/castrant), test for cat leukemia (FeLV) and IVF, vaccinated, dewormed, treated for fleas and equipped with microchips before being adopted. We can provide all necessary vaccines, deworming medications, and flea treatments for free, but you are responsible for repair and testing, although we can help by referring you to inexpensive clinics or clinics that offer a discount for this program. As soon as you fill out the Community Foster short form below, we will install you in our system and issue you identification numbers for kittens.