The bilingual online dictionaries program we offer here is a free service from Word Magic Software Inc. You will see that it is the most complete two-way dictionary in the network, which shows not only direct translations, but also synonyms, complete definitions, sentences, linguistic phrases, phrases, words, usage examples, famous quotes and compound entries, as well as anything related to your search word. It also offers pronunciation in English and Spanish, the separation of syllables and grammatical attributes. It also accepts conjugated verbs and feminine and plural forms in Spanish as valid entries. Short Term: Short Term: Long-Term Real Estate Agent: Abogado Real Estate Lawyer: Lawyer Conditional Issues: Shares That Can Be Issued Preferred Shares Mortgages: Creditors: Creditors Act: Creditors Act: Notoriety Act: Law on Notoriety: Law or Document Business continuation: Continuation of activities Mining activities: Extractive activities Activities Activities Unsurpassed Activities: Unsurpassed Activities Active Activities: Active Assets Biological Assets Biological Assets Common Assets of the Company: Controlled Group Assets: Available Financial Assets: Available Financial Assets: Intangible Assets Held Futures on Sale Long-Term Assets Pignorated Assets in Collateral: Collateral regulated Assets: Assets and Liabilities : Documented financial assets: Documented financial acts: Securities trading contract: Transaction; Deal Independent Contractor Agreement: Independent Contractor Agreement Sale Agreement: Agreement of sale Agreement: Agreement Agreements / repurchase options: Repurchase Agreement Concession Agreements: Arrangements Product financing arrangements Veterans Issue Management (VA loan): Veterans Administration loan (VA loan) Veterans Administration (VA) Financial Management: Tax Administration: Real Estate Administrator Adoption for the First Time: First Adoption Reverse Acquisition Buyback: Reverse Acquisition Credit Credit ( VA loan) Consumer Credit Information: Consumer Credit Agency Agent for conclusion: Real Estate Broker: Real Estate Broker: Loan Officer Sales Agent: Seller Buyer Agent: Mortgage Broker Agent: Mortgage Broker Listing Agent: Listing Agent Estate Groups: Real Estate Group Savings: Savings Insulation Adjustment at the expense of a group of contingencies : Conditional counterpart Adjustment s from previous years: Previous period Adjustments Rent: Lease with option to purchase: Lease with option to buy High Cadastre: Register of Land Register Cumulative amortization: Cumulative amortization according to the method of constant annuity: amortization of annuities depreciation: amortization; depreciation; Amortisations: Repayment of mortgage Comparative market analysis (CMA) Credit analysis: Credit analysis Comparative Market Analysis Annuity: Competitive Market Analysis Annuity: Leverage API (Real Estate Agent): Official Estates Agent Deferral of Capital Gains: Gains Capital deferrferrvalue Appreciate (value): Value: Value: Value: Vermieter Bauleasing: Mietmie location : Lease: Leasing Operating Operating Operating Leasing: Operating Leases Leasing: Leasing Arrendatario: Tenants Arrendatario: Tenants Financial Advisor: Financial Advisor Tax Advisor: Tax Advice Credit Advice Presentation Headquarters: Provisional manuscript in the Register Assign: Assign Association of Real Estate Agents: Board of Realtors Savings and Loan Association: Savings and Loan Association National Association of Real Estate Agents (REALTORS)