If you have not repaid 50% of the total amount of financing, you can still terminate the agreement prematurely by paying the difference. As with other types of credit, when entering into an HP contract, your financial firm sends details of the repayments you make to a credit reference agency. Learn more about the information in your credit history. An early billing figure is the amount still owed, plus interest and fees, if you want to pay your self-financing in advance. Our calculator does not include any additional penalties. Regulated agreements are usually an exit tax of about 58 days of interest. If you don`t want to keep the vehicle, you can return the car. Many people then opt for another agreement on the PCP. You can check your credit contract to see if it is covered by the Consumer Credit Act. If now, it should be said at the top of the first page. If you are having trouble paying the lease, it is possible to renew your contract in order to reduce the amount you pay each month. You should contact your financial services provider to negotiate these terms. Leasing (HP) is a type of credit that is often available from car dealerships.

It can give you the convenience of sorting your finances and choosing your car in the same place. As part of an HP agreement, you rent the car, pay an agreed amount usually in monthly refunds and will at the end of the agreement be the rightful owner of the car. The rightful owner of the car is the financial company that gave you the money to buy the car, and you cannot sell the car without the permission of the financial company. If you have repaid 50% or more of the total amount of financing to the financial firm, you can use the voluntary termination clause to terminate your PCP contract. Check your financial agreement to see if payment protection insurance (PPI) has been added. However, with an HP agreement, you usually get the 50% refund point at about halfway through the deal. You may have to pay an additional fee if there is damage to the car beyond reasonable wear. If you have decided that you no longer want (or need) your car, the first thing you need to do is know how much it will cost to make it.