Over the past few weeks, their respective members (with the exception of Boilermakers International) have discussed, discussed and discussed several options and reached consensus on what we believe is necessary to protect our position in the industry while minimizing the impact on our members. We have made temporary adjustments to our collective agreements, which have been recorded in letters of understanding that can be accessed at the end of this communication and are also published on our website at www.gpmccanada.com. Click here to visit the CLRA website for more information. GPMA Canadian Fertilizer Parkland Refining 2020-2022 To download a PDF version of this letter, click here. Talk to your international representative on our committee or to my office if you have any questions. GPMA Suncor Syncrude Nexen Conoco Phillips 2020-2022 I hope this communication will find you and your family safe and healthy in this unprecedented time. First of all, I would like to thank all those who continue to do maintenance work under the GPMA and NMA agreements in Alberta. Thanks to your sacrifice and commitment to our industry and your crafts, many industrial institutions have continued to operate across the province. Their contributions have not gone unnoticed. All I can imagine is that the psychological stress that works in today`s environment must impose on our members; it must be difficult to pass on your skills and maintain the good social dedation necessary to ensure your safety and that of your employees. For those who are unemployed, it must also be difficult; When will I go back to work, how will I take care of my family, are some of the many questions you have to ask yourself every day.

We all fight together as we work through the new environment in which we live, and I hope that we will soon begin through the light at the end of the tunnel. Ferriers Structural Collective Agreement 2015-2019 Ironworkers Structural Wage Adjustment November 2018 This year is expected to be a year of prosperity for maintenance workers in Alberta; a year in which a series of spring maintenance work was planned across the province. The conversations I imagined were discussions with your local union leaders, who were trying to understand how we could respond to the requests of staff for the work before us.