Kappa`s statistics are used to summarize the degree of agreement between councillors after the agreement was withdrawn by chance. It tests the correspondence between the evaluators and themselves (repeatability) and with each other (reproducibility). For more information on repeatability and reproducibility, see Gage R-R. Kappa`s statistics are the main metric used to measure how good or bad an attribute measurement system is. Consider two cubes (… Marsl-gner) that can have values of 0 to 7,100 times at the same time. Pchance – percentage of units for which one would expect random consent Kendalls match coefficient is a statistic used to determine the quality of the measurement system in the analysis of the attribute contract. It indicates the degree of association of ordinal assessments conducted by several examiners when evaluating the same samples. It is used in place of the Kappa value if the rating scale is ordered with more than 3 rating levels. The Kendall coefficient is the order of the ratings (the kappa value does not take them into account). It ranges from 0 to 1. The higher the coefficient, the higher the agreement Kappa`s statistics always give a number between -1 and 1. A value of -1 implies a fortuitous agreement.

A value of 1 implies a perfect match. What value is kappa considered good enough for a measurement system? It depends a lot on the applications of your measurement system. The rule of thumb is that a kappa value of 0.7 or more must be good enough to be used for analysis and improvement. It is important to note that this tool is used for measuring attributes (category, type of error, ranking, etc.) and not for variable measurements (time, distance, length, weight, temperature, etc.). To test the performance of a variable measurement system, you need to make an R-R payment. Where would you use an attribute measurement system? Generally in service type environments. In a call centre, you can have quality in-house advisors. B that rate each call on a scale of 1 to 5, depending on how well the call works.

It is important to ensure a consistent measurement system – if a quality evaluator has given a 4 rating for a given appeal, all other quality evaluators should have the same assessment. If not, there are some errors, confusion or inconsistency in the measurement system.