1. This section applies to a Section 51 report established in accordance with the Coastal Access Tax. 4. This paragraph refers to the rejected proposals in this area which, if implemented, require changes to the proposals contained in the Coastal Access Report, which can be used to prepare and report in accordance with paragraph 51, in accordance with the Coastal Access Tax, which contains route proposals (as the requirements of paragraph 51 1, whether or not they are completed). (c) a copy of the statements relating to the coastal access report received in accordance with paragraph 8, paragraph 1, point (a), to the extent that these statements appear relevant to the objection to the Secretary of State (3)The Secretary of State cannot, in accordance with Section 55, paragraph 2, instruct in accordance with the duty of access to the coastline on a date at which no regulation referred to in subsection 2 is in effect. (b) takes into account the points covered by Section 297, paragraph 2, and, if applicable, section 301, paragraph 4, of the Maritime Access Act and the 2009 Coastal Access Act (issues, procedural provisions, with the amendments covered in the regulations and (i) an overview of all alternative amendments to be made to proposals in the report on : access to the coasts, or (c) is consistent with the scheme approved under Section 298 of this Act (the scheme under which Natural England must act in the event of a redundancy of the coastal access tax) or, if this scheme has been revised, the revised regime. 1. This section applies where, pursuant to Chapter 2 of Part 1 of the CROW Act, Natural England or the Secretary of State gives an instruction excluding the right of access pursuant to Section 2 (1) of this Act for any period (“exclusion period”) with respect to lands on which (or part of it) passes by the road or an official alternative route. 5. An access authority may enter into an agreement with Natural England, as long as it concerns each country located on its territory, under which the access authority undertakes to carry out a provisional activity. (b) on areas considered publicly available within the meaning of Section 1, paragraph 1 of this Act, with the exception of this Act, (b) may only be exploited for areas within the authority`s territory that are not owned by the Wales co-expertise body or managed in accordance with an agreement;] (a) Natural England provide the information; it may reasonably require any exclusion or restriction of the right of access to the land concerned, in accordance with Section 2 (1) of the CROW Act, which the State Secretary intends to provide under Section 28 of this Act (Defence and National Security), and [F70 (c) an agreement under this section [to which a limited landowner or agent acting in accordance with Point b) may fall within the general framework] Sasines register is registered or registered (if any) in the Register of Scotland and, if registered or registered, is enforceable in the case of Scottish natural heritage against anyone with an interest in the country and against anyone who derives the title of that person: 16 (1) Before the finding in Section 52 with respect to a coastal access report , the Secretary of State must take into account – E-W (to which section 297, paragraph 3, of the Coastal Access Rights Act 2009 refers).