ANU Research Projects

Organization: Australian National University
Category: Research
When: 2009 – 2011

Roles & Contributions:
Data Analysis
Molecular Biology


As part of my Bachelor of Science (Advanced) degree at the ANU I had the chance to work on novel research projects. These ‘advanced studies courses’ were on a variety of topics and gave me lots of hands on research experience with world-class experts. The following are the titles of the projects I completed:

  • 16S rRNA Variation in the Enterobacteriaceae (2009, Gordon Lab)
  • Animal Navigation: The Cognitive Map (2010, Zeil Lab)
  • Gene Discovery in the Terpene Synthase Pathway in Eucalypts (2010, Foley Lab)
  • Epigenetic Regulation of Development in Honey Bees (2011, Maleszka Lab)