Humans vs Zombies

Organization: HvZ @ ANU
Category: Startups
When: 2009-2011

Roles & Contributions:
President & Founder
Game/Event Design
Web Development


Humans vs Zombies (HvZ) is a live-action dart tag game run over the course of a week on university campus. I was president and founder of Australia’s first HvZ group. HvZ was a marathon effort to run and required a very large team to accomplish the event safely with 300-400 players in each game. In addition to a club executive, each game had its own set of game moderators who were the judges and organizers.

The original concept of HvZ comes from Goucher College, where it was first invented. My task was to localize the game to suit the environment at ANU. The game was developed and refined over the course of each event we ran. In addition to core game rules, interactive missions which happened throughout the week were also designed and tested.

The complicated nature of the HvZ game means an online system is required to track in game “kills” and to facilitate player communications. For our first game we used resources from the international Humans vs Zombies website for this, but found their system to be cumbersome and difficult for our specific needs. I decided to implement my own solution for our second game and accomplished this by modifying a PhP forum system to act as a kill registration system. This system required zombies to enter the unique code each human player was given at the start of the game. When a kill was made the system would automatically post about it on the forum and on twitter. The system tracked whether players were on the human or zombie side and gave them access to private forums depending on which side they were on.

I created the following videos at the end of each game using iMovie.

Game 1 Video:

Game 2 Video:

Game 3 Video: