Cross-Disciplinary Student Academy

Organization: XSA
Category: Startups
When: 2010 – 2012

Roles & Contributions:
Executive Member
Event Design
Event Management


The Cross-Disciplinary Student Academy (XSA) is a student organization that runs events to connect students from different fields. As an executive member I was responsible for designing and running events. One of my initiatives in the XSA was the creation of XSA Courses – a platform where students could teach their discipline-specific knowledge to peers in other disciplines. The courses were a huge success and have proven to be one of the core activities of the XSA.

I was a co-designer of the IARU Global Cross-Disciplinary Tournament (GXT) – a student driven initiative to foster cross disciplinary research amongst students. The GXT is a competition where small cross-disciplinary teams of undergraduates are paired across universities. Through virtual communication and a residential program, the teams must develop responses to global challenges that synthesize diverse academic and cultural perspectives. I was a part of the team which designed and ran the first GXT event at ANU. Since then it has been picked up by IARU and has been run at universities around the world.