The Product Support Manager (PSM) is responsible for managing the support functions necessary for the operational capability and operation of important weapons systems, subsystems and components. They are also responsible for the macroeconomic integration of product support through government activities or through a contract, when a commercial organization. The support functions that the MSP must manage in the preparation of the weapons system include:[1] While the execution of the product support is carried out by many organizational units, the PSI is responsible for the integration of all support sources necessary to meet the agreed performance metrics, as stated in the product support agreements. In order to effectively coordinate the working and business relationships necessary for the implementation of the user agreement, the product support integrator should have commitments, be involved in the life of the program at an early stage and encourage continuous improvement of reliability, maintenance and maintenance technologies. [1] In the development and implementation of the performance-based product support strategy, the MSP may delegate responsibility for delivering specific results. The Program Manager (PM) and the PSM can use any number of subsystem PSMs or Product Support Integrator (PSI) to integrate support from all support sources to achieve the performance results specified in a performance-based agreement (PBA). [1] In everything we do, our ultimate goal is to have a lasting effect, every community we serve, with the ability to create lasting change and build true self-reliance. The relationship between a donor and a non-profit organization is based on trust, transparency and integrity. During the highlights in its daily practices around the world. Counterpart has done groundbreaking work in more than 65 nations around the world. Today, we are considered international development pioneers and leaders, known for our unique approach to partnership and capacity building, commitment to learning and continuous improvement, and a reputation as a responsible manager of financial resources. For nearly 50 years, Counterpart International – a global development organization – has partnered with communities to invest in food security and nutrition, economic development and effective governance and institutions.

Guide: DoD Product Support Manager – June 2016.