From the moment negotiations on amending the TRIPS agreement (which led to the 2005 decision) began until the amendment came into force in 2017, many people supported this work with the aim of helping the poorest countries access affordable medicines. Some of them recall here – in video testimonials – particular moments in this process and stress the importance of amending the TRIPS agreement. Interview with Anand Grover on the effects of the TRIPS agreement, the patentability of new HIV/AIDS drugs in India and free trade agreements on access to medicines in developing countries. This video is available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported: Thanks to Action against AIDS Germany for organizing the trip to India in March 2009, where this video was made. On October 17 and 19, hundreds of experts from around the world and music Row came to vanderbilt Law School, to discuss topics such as artists, composers and authors for the use of their works and discuss how music, video and other works protected by intellectual property can be legally distributed, at a conference sponsored by Vanderbilt, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Confederation of Authors and Composers ( CISAC). > Download (click right and choose “Save as” to download and watch it offline) Quality: > help Vanderbilt University Law School Professor Daniel Gervais` Keynote conference at “Collective Management of Copyright: Solution or Sacrifice?” Central Centre for Culture, Media and Arts Symposium. The symposium was held on January 28, 2011 at Columbia Law School. Video courtesy of Columbia Law School.

Daniel Gervais is interviewed at the CIC Intellectual Property Conference. . On 24 November 2011, Germany organised the Doha-10 international conference at the Baden-Wuerttemberg State`s representation in Berlin: ten years after the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health in 2001 – has access to medicines been improved by or despite the new framework conditions of the World Trade Organization? Highlights of the Global Health Agenda`s high-level symposium. Click here to see this lecture by Professor Gervais. This pro/con roundtable, sponsored by the Vanderbilt Intellectual Property Program and the Vanderbilt International Office, includes six intellectual property scientists, Practitioners and Industry Executives: Andrew Christie, Davies Collison Cave Chair of Intellectual Property, Melbourne Law School Brian Day, Orrick Herrington – Sutcliffe Lital Helman, Kernochan Center Fellow, Columbia Law School Terry Hemming, CEO, Provident Music Group (Sony Music Entertainment) Timothy Lee, Arsa Technica Andrew Pollock, Mashalls- Dent