No, vendors are not required to run the new version of the UTP Vendor Plan Agreement. In accordance with section 10.15 of the 2017 versions of the UTP Plan Provider Agreement, the Agreement will automatically enter into force from the date of this Communication. For more information on guidelines, agreements and forms, please contact the UTP Plan Administration on +1 301 978 8080. If you have any questions about UTP Data Feed products, please contact UTP Technical Operations on +1 203 926 3400. . NYSE Data Cancellation of Service for Non-Real Time Data Products UTP Plan Administration expects a very smooth transition and will work individually with vendors who need more support. Yes, redline versions are available here: UTP Plan Vendor Agreement-Redline and here: UTP Plan Subscriber Agreement. The UTP plan regulates the collection, processing and distribution of all UTP Level 1 data and is managed by the scholarships and associations listed in the section participating in the UTP participants determine policy issues and monitor the operation of the system.

Recently, UTP participants called for a new separation between UTP Level 1 administrative services and Nasdaq-specific data management services. In the coming months, suppliers should expect changes to the requirements for usage reports, invoices and other documents. The UTP plan has entered into a contract with nasdaq to manage day-to-day operations. Under the plan`s leadership, Nasdaq created a new (and separate) UTP plan administration team to support only Level 1 UTP data. Recently, UTP plan participants approved and published an updated version of the UTP plan supplier agreement. In addition, UTP plan participants have published a UTP plan privacy policy. The UTP Planner Administrator also publishes a new separate UTP Plan Subscriber Agreement in order to bring it into compliance with the Provider`s agreement. .

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