Sanitary pipes must be ventilated to prevent air from escaping from pipes and flows into the building. For this reason, you must let us know if you plan to expand your home so that we can ensure that your home and our pipes are protected during and after construction. Lazy drainage carries the water consumed from the toilet, sinks, sinks, bathrooms, showers, bidets, dishwasher and washing machine. Surface piping is called sanitary piping; underground pipes are called rotten effluents and rotten sewers. The normal way to do this is to extend the pipes (known as the air hose) outward and leave the end open (but protected by a net to prevent birds from being added). To prevent odours from entering a building, the open end of the ventilation pipe must be at least three metres to the side of an opening in a building or extended 0.9 metres above it. It is highly recommended to seek advice from a builder, architect, drainage engineer or building authority before committing or starting work. If it is not practical to use infiltration (p.B due to nearby foundations, impermeable or contaminated soil, or high groundwater), it is preferable to discharge it into a watercourse or, if not, into a surface water channel or, as a last resort, into a mixed water channel. Surface water should not be discharged into a bad drain or sewer. Maps of the public sewerage system can be viewed free of charge at the offices of the sewer funeral home or local authority. Private sewers and drains are usually not mapped and their location needs to be found in other ways, as described below.

In general, a drain serves a single property, while a sewer serves more than one property. To transport the flow and avoid clogging, the drain or sewer 2 2000 00000 to that of the ground floor must generally be at least 0.8m lower. If it`s less, you should seek advice from a builder, architect, or drainage engineer. Building over an existing drain or sewer can damage pipes, cause them to leak or become blocked, potentially causing odour nuisance, health problems and environmental damage. .