Now that it`s clear how contingencies work in real estate, let`s explore the different types of contingencies. Below are five of the most common types of contingencies you can see in a real estate contract. Read them to get an idea of what they cover and how they are used. As a real estate blogger and content creator from a family of real estate agents, buying and selling homes is what I know. In addition to Forbes, my work can be found on, and I also work with individual real estate agents to improve their digital marketing strategies. Find me @TaraMastroeni on or on Twitter. There are two types of home sale contingencies, sales and settlement contingencies and billing contingencies. In addition, it is important to remember that real estate contracts are legally enforceable contracts that define the role and obligations of each party in this transaction. Conditional clauses are attached to the contract.

You should make sure to review and read all contingency clauses before signing anything. Since all real estate contracts or transactions with contingency clauses are subject to conditions, remember that a real estate transaction is only concluded when unforeseen events are eliminated. In other words, nothing is finished until you sign the papers to conclude a real estate transaction. Until you sign the papers to conclude an agreement, nothing is guaranteed. Although the conditional contract is in effect, the eviction clause allows the seller to further market the property. If the current buyer fails to remove the home sale contingency within the specified time frame, the seller can leave the contract and offer the property to another qualified buyer. Home sale contingencies can be difficult for the seller, who may be forced to forego another offer while waiting for the outcome of the emergency. The seller reserves the right to cancel the contract if the buyer`s house is not sold within the specified number of days. Home insurance is designed to protect a potential buyer from property damage such as fire, natural disasters, and other adverse events. However, it may be harder to get home insurance in certain areas than you think.