c) A declaration that the collective agreement has been ratified by the majority of workers in the employer`s bargaining unit. Yes, yes. The agreement negotiated by the workers` negotiating partner should be ratified or approved by the majority of workers in the bargaining unit. b) If the issue of worker representation arises, the Court may investigate this issue and confirm in writing to the parties the name of the organization of the work designated or retained for the relevant bargaining unit. In the course of such an investigation, the Court provides for a prompt and appropriate hearing after a timely announcement and, if there is a reasonable doubt as to who the workers chose as the representative for collective bargaining, the court orders a secret ballot of the Ministry of Labour to determine who is the freely elected representative of the workers. , in accordance with the rules and regulations prescribed by the Court of Justice, for which representatives of the litigants have the right to be present as inspectors. Such a vote is called a “certification choice” and the Court does not order certifications in the same unit more than once in twelve months. The organization, which receives the majority of the votes cast in this election, is certified as the exclusive representative of the negotiations of these workers. The CBA`s application for certification must be filed with the regional office that issued the registration or establishment certificate of a registered resident of the union party. (c) If, in the opinion of the Ministry of Labour, the applicant agency does not meet the requirements of this Registration Act, the Department, after 10 days` notice to the applicant organization, association or union, and within 30 days of receiving the above documents, holds a public hearing in the province where the applicant`s principal agency is located, where the applicant`s organization has the right to be represented by a lawyer. Hear witnesses This hearing will be completed and a decision by the Department will be announced within 30 days of the date of notification of the hearing; and if, after a regular consultation, the department decides not to register the applicant, it is necessary for the Ministry of Labour to expressly indicate the data that the applicant did not provide as a precondition for registration.

If the applicant is still refused, he has the right to appeal to the Court of Appeal, which rules within thirty days or to the Supreme Court, within sixty days of the formal refusal of registration. Section 8. Private contracts in violation of workers` rights. – any business or business promise, oral, express or implied, contained below in writing or orally, neither in a contract, nor in an employment or employment agreement between a company, company, association or company, or a potential worker of it, is not valid if: if no prior notification of the willingness to negotiate an agreement can be considered by other parties in accordance with Section 14 as apparent evidence of a breach of the collective bargaining obligation.